What Does My Website Need?

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Here are 5 Basic Items Every Website Should Have

Since the explosion of the internet, websites have become a major marketing strategy and should be a part of every business owner’s marketing plan. Some may think designing a website with very little effort involved will get the job done. But nothing could be further from the truth. Designing a website should always be considered an integral part of your business plan. Websites are as important to the success of your business as having the right name, an  excellent service or product, and exceptional customer service.

Too often small business owners will focus on other aspects of marketing such as telemarketing or social media, and avoid making sure their website looks presentable, professional, updated, and user-friendly. Think of this scenario. As a business owner you’re excited about the opening of your new brick-and-mortar store and are anticipating a steady flow of business. You offer a variety of inexpensive products that will lure people into your store. Your location is pretty good. You believe you have everything necessary and in place for your store to be a success. However, the basic design of your store is seriously lacking.

The name of your business is located in an obscure place on the front of your store. Your store always looks like it’s closed because of the clutter, lack of lights, and the overall dull appearance. And when customers visit your store they can’t navigate through the store easily, things are difficult to find, and there’s no assistance available to help them find what they need. Not to mention, people can’t find your store because it doesn’t stand out. No matter how well you’ve advertised your new store, and no matter the location of the store, the appearance and presentation of your store is a huge turnoff.

This is a fatal mistake many small business owners make when it comes to their website. They may have a great product or service and they may have great SEO marketing techniques involved, but when someone visits their website they are turned off by the appearance of it. And the bottom line is when customers are turned off by your website, that means you lose money, as well as potential customers. Here is a list of 5 basic elements every small business owner needs to incorporate in their website that will immediately attract viewers to their websites.

  • Graphics

First impressions are crucial and image is everything. This means your graphics, colors, logos, and the overall design of your website is the key to keep visitors on your site and to increase your sales. If the color is overbearing or hard on the eyes, people won’t stay. You may like to have something that stands out or that is unique, but if it’s too much of a shock it will turn off most people. Make sure you have strong colors that blend well and are easy on the eyes. Also, make sure your images are not too small or too large.

Your website should always be responsive, this means that when a user views your site on a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone, the look changes and is optimized to fit properly on each device.

A strong, clean visual shows organization and that you care about your site and your business, which in turn, tells customers you care about them. This look builds trust in your business. The text should be visible and not difficult to read. It should also match the graphics in color and style. Every user will have a different perspective about your website, but it’s your job to make sure that perception of the graphics on your site send out a pleasant and professional message.

  • Hierarchy

A website that’s easy to navigate is extremely important. People don’t want to visit a website and spend hours searching for basic or the most important information, just like they don’t want to visit a brick-and-mortar store and search for hours to find a product. A good website design always prioritizes information to make for a user-friendly experience. If customers can’t find information readily or if your site is difficult to navigate, you’ll lose customers and business. And if somebody has a short amount of time and needs to find something specific immediately, they won’t spend time on a site they have to search through to find information they need right away. Also, visuals are very useful within or alongside a block of text. Be sure each page is consistent as well. Graphics and text should always match the title of the webpage.

  • Call to action

This should appear on every page or at least stand out as an image or specially-designed text that prompts the user to take action. This aspect of the website is where the money is made or where the leads are “captured,” so be sure NOT to miss this step.

  • Logo or Branding

Most business owners will have a brand or logo for their company. Logos play an important part of your website because people will often associate a logo with your business. It also explains to customers what your business is all about. Oftentimes people will remember a company’s brand or logo before they’ll remember the name of the company or the website name. Whatever type of business you offer, your website content, including images, should represent it. For example, If you have an entertainment-based site, your content should present that to your audience.

  • Contact information

This is extremely important. In fact, every website should have contact information listed on it. Customers want to be able to locate you physically and/or contact you via phone or email if they have questions or issues. Contact information should be clickable, this is also known as click to call, it works like this; (918) 703-4174 . A site with no contact information can easily come across at worse as a scam, and at the very least, unprofessional. Both are major turnoffs. Plus, some local visitors may want to visit your brick-and-mortar location if you have one. If you move or change contact information, be sure to always update your website with the correct information.

Since every business owner and potential customer will have their own opinion of what a good website looks like, it’s a good idea to use a professional website designer like Direct Allied Agency to ensure your website has all the necessary basic elements that will attract people to it. After designing tons of websites, we know just what appeals to most consumer bases and we work hard to create and optimize the best website for your business.

So take the hassle out of designing your own website, which can be very time-consuming, and contact us. As website design professionals, Direct Allied Agency will take care of your website needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our job is to design a professional, user-friendly website that attracts visitors, provides them with a pleasant experience, and to help your website get noticed by millions of potential consumers.

By Erika Cox for Direct Allied Agency